This e-book is not just about technique and equipment. It's essential guide to stunning Astrophotography: How to Capture Stars and Milky Way. If you are just starting star and astrophotography, this Masterclass is perfect for you! Even if you are an experienced photographer, there are riveting post-processing techniques with unique insight to star photography. 

The tools, we have gathered for this Masterclass from award-winning photographer Mikko Lagerstedt's work can be applied to your photography. All of the methods through this process were used and tested to create Mikko's highly popular series ‘Edge’, ‘Atmosphere’ and ‘Visions of Depths’. Scroll down to see example images created with the Masterclass.


  • How to Capture Astrophotography: Milky Way, Night Sky and Stars
  • Equipment Information for Astrophotography and Post-Processing
  • How to Plan Star Photographs: Location Scouting & Timing
  • How to Capture Star Photographs: Focus, Read the Landscape, Composition and Camera Settings
  • How To Edit Star Photographs in Lightroom / Camera Raw and Photoshop
    • Three In-Depth Tutorials Visions of Depth, Dreamy Night and Moonlit. 
      • How To Create Surreal Star Photography: Combine Multiple Images – Capture Technique & Post-Process
      • How To Use Light Pollution in Star Photography: Capture Technique & Post-Process
      • How To Use Moonlight in Star Photography: Capture Technique & Post-Process
  • Photography Inspiration Exercises to Get Motivated